Address: 8. Harsfa street, Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary

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Warehousing and primary processing

Our grain processing and storage department is dealing with primary processing of cereals coming directly from the field. We get sample from each incoming vehicle grain and analyze it in our laboratory. According to the result we can separate the different quality grain during warehousing. We have a 60 tonnes capacity digital scale with valid calibration report. We have a Petkus grain dryer and cleaner system which allows us to make all grain handling according to the clients needs. Our total warehousing capacity is 14000 metric tonnes which contains vertical silos and normal grain storage buildings. The technology enables us to handle even 3 different types of grains in the same time so we can be flexible  partners for the farmers.

Our keyword is ’transparency’ for all laboratory settlements we make the analysis together with the growers and our service tariffs are simple and clear. All grains stored in our warehouses are insured which is a fact not so common in this industry.

We have a telescopic handler machine for product handling which has enough capacity even for organizing loading of vessels. Our facillity situated less than 10 km from a Danube port in Adony so we can easily supply vessels with cereals.

Should you have any questions about our warehousing and processing activity – feel free to contact us.