Address: 8. Harsfa street, Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary

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Arable crop production

Basic activity of this department is to organize the crop production on the lands owned by the family members. Beside our own we have rented lands which are based on long term contracts. We mainly produce barley, rapeseed, wheat, sunflower, and corn, but we have for example lucerne seed as well. Arable crop production department can organize the presentation of different varieties for breeders, we can do fertilizer, spraying, etc. experiments as well. We have all the modern technical equipments required for efficient farming. Fertilizing and spraying are done with GPS based tractor handling. We have two harvesters (Massey ferguson and Claas), eight tractors (Challenger, New Holland, Landini and MTZ), two telehandlers (Caterpillar and Manitou) – most of the machinery are not older than 6 years. Beside tractors we have all the necessary equipment like plows, cultivators, seeders, sprayers, etc. all are big brands like Amazon, Kverneland, Monosem, Sulky, etc. This allows us to do all the work on time and customized to actual soil and weather conditions.

Not only machines needed for efficient farming but well trained human resources as well. Our managing board is consists of an agricultural enineer, two horticultural engineers, a crop protection engineer, and two machinery specialists. Most of our colleagues who are working with the tractors are trained machine operators.

Each and every year are different according to weather condtions. Our key point of success is the above mentioned human resource and machinery. We are looking forward to manage and solve all the challanges comes in the future.