Address: 8. Harsfa street, Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary

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About Us

Our company has a more than 20 years history we started the agricultural activity in 1994 and the 4M-97 Ltd was founded in 1997. We had intensive and continuous development during our history with more and more clients in each and every year. Our clients can rely on us in connection with all agricultural production, processing (drying, cleaning, warehousing, quality control, logistic, transport), and trade (both grains and input materials). Beside agricultural service we have a significant production of grains and stone fruits. During the past 20 years we became the market leader complex agricultural company of the area. Our aim is to do agricultural production and service on the highest possible professional level. Our old partners know already that working together with us means a stable and continuous development on their profitability. Key points of agricultural success are high professional standards and long term orientation.

We believe that sustainable success can only be reached with cooperation between all the members of the supply chain.