Address: 8. Harsfa street, Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary

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Grain and input trade

Grain and input trade is our youngest but most developing department. In the beginning the only task was selling the grain coming from our production. After that our producer partners near by also asked us to help them with grain trade issues. Nowadays our main volume comes from independent producer companies. The key point of our success is the very strict and solid financial background. We work with short payment deadlines for farmers on the other hand we provide them flexibility and tailor made financial solutions according to their needs. Barley, wheat sunflower, rapeseed, and corn are the main cereals we trade with.

We have clients from both domestic market and abroad. We prefer to sell for direct processing companies but we are also ready to cooperate with trading companies. Our facility is close to Danube port, rail connection and to a motorway so transport is not a difficult issue from us.

We are ready to supply grain according to clients needs in bulk, in Big Bag, or even smaller packaging.

Input material selling is in a starting phase. We can supply fertilizers, and seeds actually but working on pesticides trade to start with.