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Fruit production, trade


19 years ago we decided to plant fruit trees in 25 hectares of our land. This was the beginning of our fruit production department. Nowadays we have in total 55 hectares of stone fruit orchards. We are mainly selling our own fruit on the market but sometimes we help other growers to sell their fruit as well. We plan to build a cold store with packing capacity to go a step further to clients like supermarket chains. Now we mainly sell our products to wholesaler companies who have cold store and packing station so they can sell directly to domestic and abroad supermarkets. We also have good connection with industrial clients (canneries and puree or juice factories) both in Hungary and Austria, Germany. Our production volume is developing from time to time so we are open to supply new clients with good quality fruit.

The biggest investment of the past years was a new 10 hectares apricot orchard planting in 2013. In this orchard we have varieties from COT International. All 10 hectares has drip irrigation from our 200 meters deep well. Our water quality is excellent according to the official declaration. We have a 4000m3 capacity water storage pool because it is better to irrigate with treated water. We use a two phase filter system to supply the drip irrigation system and we have an automatic fertilizer machine as well. Our product variety range is as follows:

Apricot (new orchard):

  • Wonder COT
  • Flavor COT
  • Sunny COT
  • Magic COT
  • Lilly COT
  • Tom COT
  • Sungiant (Goldrich)

Apricot (traditional varieties):

  • Magyar kajszi
  • Ceglédi bíbor
  • Gönci magyar kajszi
  • Pannónia

Sweet cherry:

  • Bigarreau bourlat
  • Germelsdorfi
  • Valerij cskalov
  • Linda

Sour cherry:

  • Érdi bőtermő
  • Újfehértói fürtös
  • Debreceni bőtermő
  • Cigánymeggy
  • Kántorjánosi


  • Cacanska lepotica
  • Tuleu gras
  • Stanley
  • Besztercei