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Machine service, consultancy


Our agricultural machinery service activity is a part of the crop production department. We use the same machinery on our own farm and for our clients. In fact we have an approximately 50% capacity surplus which we can use to provide professional service for farmers without machinery. On the other hand our service is more than selling capacity itself because we also provide professional management and consultancy for the job. Some of our partners are even not agronomists but they have land and they want to do production in a professional and efficient way. In this case we can provide 100% service from machine through administration and even consultancy in legal issues in connection with agriculture. We have agricultural and horticultural engineers, plant protection engineers and even a lawyer in our management which enables us to be a complete service provider. We have two offers for land owners: lease and service. First option is to lease the land and pay a fixed rental fee – in this case the owner is free from any administration work in connection with the land. Second option is that we can provide the machinery service but officially the land owner is doing the production as a registered producer. In this case we can even provide input materials and our service fee on credit which means that the grower can pay all the investments with the future crop coming from the field. So there is no need to invest money for the production.

As open field producers we all depend on the weather. Each year are different and sometimes conditions are extreme for plants. On the other hand grain prices and exchange rates are changing all the time. Despite of the above mentioned our partners made profit each and every year during the past 20 years. We are proud to say that because the biggest recognition for our job is our partners success.